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Alumni Camp Staff Council

All council members hold equal say in the direction of the council.  The council members are dedicated camp alumni staff who wish to stay involved in the BC Lions Society and BC Easter Seals Camps. 

The Camp Alumni Council is for Camp Staff Alumni who:

·         Want to stay involved in supporting camp

·         Have a few hours to meet each month

·         Have a few more hours to work on individual projects

·         Are interested in further developing skills

·         Are comfortable taking initiative

·         Can commit to being on the council for at least one year

·         Want to be part of creating something great!

Each member will have specific duties, however, will also have general responsibilities.

·         Attendance at meetings

·         Generation and initiation of ideas

·         Contributions to discussions

·         Part of a team

Specific Positions

BC Lions Society Representative – This member will be an employee of the BC Lions Society and will act as a liaison between the council the BC Lions Society. 

Camp Administrator  – This member will be the current Camp Administrator and will act as the representative of the camping program. Will bring issues and ideas to the council to work on, will keep council aware of happenings in the camp world and will work closely with the Council Chair on facilitation of meetings. 

Council Chair – This member will act as facilitator for the council meetings and will act as main contact with the BC Lions Society and Camp Director.  They will help with future recruitment of council members and help provide guidance in shaping the mandate and direction of the council.

Secretary/Admin – This council member will schedule council meetings and take and circulate meeting minutes.

Marketing/Communications – This council member will help to promote BC Easter Seals Camps to the general population.  They will promote the Camp Alumni Staff activities within the Camp Staff Alumni group.  They may be responsible for helping to establish and promoting a web presence for the Council and general membership.

Membership – This council member will act as the first point of contact with the Camp Alumni Staff.  They will manage mailing lists and provides newsletters and updates to alumni staff.  They will work with the marketing and communications member to distribute information. 

Program Development – This council member will take initiative to develop programs for the Alumni Camp Staff to partake in. 

Special Events – This council member will act as a point of contact for alumni camp staff teams at special events. 

Fundraising  – This council member will act as a liaison with the BC Lions Society and alumni who wish to do fundraising events not specifically tied to Easter Seals events. 

Member(s) at Large – This council member will be a part of the council and will act as a voice for the general membership of the alumni camp staff.  They will be available to work on special projects as deemed necessary by the membership.

If you are interested in participating in the Camp Alumni Council, or you know someone who you think might be a good member of the council please fill out the nomination form.  Nominations will be considered by the BC Lions Society and successful nominees will be contacted.

Self Nomination Form

Nominate another alumni