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Application Process

The application process for campers with PSW’s is the same as for all our campers, but also must include the PSW application.  The PSW application is available online, or can be printed out and sent in with the camper application form. 

The PSW application must include an original copy of the PSW Criminal Record Check including a Vulnerable Sector Search. This CRC must be from within 6 months of the start of camp.  If the PSW needs the criminal record check for another employment of volunteer opportunity, we hare happy to send it back to them once we have seen the original and made a copy.  This practice of requiring a criminal record check is in accordance with the BC Camping Associations Accreditation Standards.  Please note that some police departments may take multiple weeks to process the Criminal Record Checks, so start this process as early as possible.

Generally we only have space for 6 campers with PSW’s at each camp session.  As a result, these positions often fill early.  Applications are not considered complete until the PSW application has been submitted and the Criminal Record Check has been received.  However once we receive a completed camper application and PSW application, we will hold a spot for you for up to 6 weeks while waiting on a Criminal Record Check. So please make sure to submit your application early to ensure your spot. 

We also recommend that you keep a copy of your camper application to provide to the PSW.