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Camp Supplies

Successfully operating our program takes a lot of supplies!  Everything from duct tape to tie dye to ice packs to costumes- all are needed to make camp a safe and fun place!

If you can help us out in some way please contact us first at camp@eastersealsbcy.ca.   We are looking to find items that can be donated as gifts in kind or to purchase them at discounted rates.  We really appreciate your help!

Program Supplies Medical Supplies Arts and Crafts Supplies
Tape (duct, masking, scotch) Soft icepacks Scissors
Sharpies Blue Pads Tempera Paint
Paper Personal Care wipes Acrylic Paint
Pens Lysol wipes Embroidery floss
Walkie Talkies Sunscreen Hemp
Memory Cards Vinyl gloves Glue
Batteries Faceclothes Glue gun
Paddles Acetaminophen Glitter
Lifejackets Vitamins Glitter Glue
Photocopier/printer ink Cold Medications Beads
Costumes Solarcaine Lotion Markers
Caribeaners, Harnesses, Helmets Latex Free Bandaids Pipecleaners
Unscented shaving cream Bug repellent Fabric scraps
Streamers After bite Buttons
Ziploc bags Epipens Paper Plates
  Steri-strips Socks