> Goodbye to Summer 2017!

Goodbye to Summer 2017!

With the last camper picked up, every piece of tie-dye handed out, and all of our summer staff moving on to the non-camp part of their year, we are officially ready to say goodbye to Summer 2017. Ok, maybe we aren’t really ready, but we will say goodbye nonetheless.

The Easter Seals camping program had another incredible summer filled with starry nights, s’mores, pranks, giggles, and water fights. We welcomed back hundreds of returning campers and greeted many campers who joined us for the first time at their summer home. We always look forward to seeing the look on campers faces as they pull into camp and see their best camp friends or favourite staff members again. It’s like welcoming our family back home. This year we were excited to welcome back some family that had been away a little longer than usual when we extended our age
cap to 49 for a special pilot project at Camp Squamish in Week 5. It was another fun filled week of camp and, although we don’t know what the future will bring, we loved hanging out with our awesome adult campers.

It takes a village to run camp, so we have a lot of people to thank. First, and most importantly, of all, we want to give a huge thank-you to all our campers. Camp would be nothing without you. You tried new things, stepped out of your comfort zone, supported each other, and pulled some of the most legendary pranks of all time! Thank-you to all our camper families who let us hang out with your rad campers this summer. Thank-you for supporting our program and welcoming your camper back with open arms (even if they are now inclined to burst out in song at every meal).
Volunteers and PSWs, thank-you for giving a week of your summer to help some
incredible campers have the best week at camp. Thank-you to all our donors, you have made it possible for us to offer this amazing thing we call camp and to keep welcoming campers to come enjoy the magic with us. To all of our site and administrative staff, thank-you for keeping camp safe and making sure it runs smoothly. Finally, a big thank-you to all our summer staff, who gave their all to camp this summer. Thank-you for making camp a safe, fun, memorable, and epic adventure for your campers.

So, goodbye to Summer 2017. You were one for the books and we are sad to see you go, but we are already getting ready for Summer 2018 and can’t wait for another season of all things camp! Until then, Be As You Are and take a little piece of camp with you, wherever you go.