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Community Volunteers

This program is designed to bring already well-rounded leaders and community members into our programs for a week of fun-in-the-sun. Generally people applying as volunteers are active community members who are looking to give of themselves and learn with us in our camping community. They will bring their unique life-experiences and wisdom in a mentor capacity to work with/alongside our campers and staff.

Volunteers at Easter Seals Summer Camps work in conjunction with the counsellors and programmers to support supervise and assist campers in accordance with the Society’s policies, procedures and objectives.

Duties Include (but are not limited to):

In conjunction with a camper’s camp counsellor:
• Attend to the camper’s emotional well being, ensuring they feel secure, comfortable, and welcome in the camp environment.
• As much as possible, encourage each camper’s independence and recognise and utilise potentials for personal growth or social development.
• Conduct one’s self as an effective role model at all times.
• Assist assigned campers in selecting activities as required.
• Encourage maximum camper participation in all activities, while respecting a camper’s personal choice to not participate in an activity.
• Immediately report any concerns regarding the camper’s emotional/physical well being or behaviour to the Camp Coordinators.

• Ensure that effective standards of safety are maintained at all times.
• Report all accidents, seizures or illnesses to the Health Care Team immediately.
• Follow the directions of the Health Care Team and the Camp Coordinators at all times.
• In the event of an emergency, follow the appropriate procedures reviewed during training.

• Coordinate activities outside of scheduled program periods.
• Assist programmers with planning, implementation, and clean up of selected regular and all-camp programs.
• Participate in all camp activities.
• Offer feedback and input into planning programs.

• Attend and participate in all staff meetings.
• Assist in developing awards of recognition for each camper.
• Assist in the completion of evaluations on all campers and volunteers.
• Complete all necessary paperwork in time required.
• Perform various duties surrounding the camp program and camper care as required throughout week.
• Other duties as directed by the Camp Coordinators. 

**Volunteers are not permitted to perform the following duties without permission of a Coordinator and proper training from the Health Care Team**
• Dorm-duty (you may support at Rest Break)
• Personal care
• Lifts & transfers
• Assisted Eating

Under no circumstances may a volunteer be alone with a camper.

All Volunteer applicants shall apply online and will participate in a staff interview. There are limited spaces for Volunteers throughout the summer so we ask that interested individuals apply early. This is a rigorous process due to the nature of our program and the demands made on staff and volunteers to provide and ensure the highest possible camper care at all points. If you have questions about this program, please contact the Director at 604-873-1865 or 1-800-818-4483 or by email: camp@eastersealsbcy.ca. The minimum age for a volunteer is 17 years old.

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