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New Campers

New Camper Weekend

Parents are able to attend camp as a personal support worker for their camper during new camper weekend.  This short session is a good chance for parents and campers to become familiar with our program.  Families who are unsure about whether their camper needs a personal support worker or not can use the new camper weekend to try it out.  Parents wishing to come as a PSW for new camper weekend must go through the same application process as all PSW's.  This includes submitting an application and a criminal record check.

Full Sessions 

Some new camper families request that a parent be able to attend camp with the camper as their PSW.  While we appreciate that parents often know campers best and are able to care for their children very well, we also find that campers are more successful in our program with someone other than their parent or primary caregiver as their PSW.  Coming to camp without a parent helps promote camper independence.  It also helps promote new relationships for the camper.

Therefore, parents are not able to come as PSWs to camp other than the new camper weekend.  If you need assistance finding a suitable PSW, please get in touch with the Director of Camping (camp@eastersealsbcy.ca) and James can help out.