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Staff Positions

What are the Summer Camp Staff Positions?

3 Coordinators: Head Coordinator, Counselling Coordinator and Program Coordinator. The coordinators are responsible for hiring, training and evaluating the summer camp staff. Head Coordinators are paid $2600/month and other coordinators are paid  $2200/month. Coordinator wages are additionally adjusted for based on returning year.

2 Registered Nurses: The Nurses are responsible for overseeing health and safety at camp. They administer medication, monitor special diets, and administer first aid. Click here for a list of Important Staff Dates and Camp Session Dates. RNs are paid $4000/ month ($25/hour).

5 Programmers: These five work together to create the theme of the week and plan activities.  They each have an area of specialty: Arts and Crafts, Aquatics (NLS), Outdoor Pursuits, Recreation and Games and Waterfront (NLS).  They provide programs in their areas (which we call Regular Programs) and combine together to make All Camp Programs. Programmer orientation begins at different times depending on the programmer position. Click here for a list of Important Staff Dates and Camp Session Dates. Lifeguards are paid $94/day and receive a $500 bonus upon completion of the summer. Return staff programmers make $94/day and new programmers make $90.80/day.

18-20 Counsellors: Counsellors are primarily responsible for the care of the campers.  Each counsellor is placed in a buddy group with one other counsellor and six campers.  Together, they adapt programs to the needs of the campers, and provide for the emotional and physical well being of the campers.  That could be lending a hand to a homesick camper or helping out with personal care (showering/changing). Click here for a list of Important Staff Dates and Camp Session Dates. Return counsellors are paid $90/day and new counsellors $90.80/day

Personal Support Workers: Some campers are best supported in our program with a personal support worker (PSW) who can work with camp staff to provide 1:1 support at camp.  PSWs are most often found through independent relationships between camper families and personal support workers. PSWs are paid by the parents/guardians of the child they are supporting. For more information visit the PSW page.

If you are interested in applying to work at camp check out the application process