> Typical Day as a Volunteer

Typical Day as a Volunteer

A day at camp for a volunteer depends largely on their interests. Some volunteers spend time helping the programmers while others hang out mostly with one group of campers.

7:30 am - Rise and shine! Volunteers will check-in with the coordinator at the start of the day to see where they could best help out. Between 7:30-8:30, counsellors are gearing up their campers for the fun day ahead. Volunteers could be asked to hang out with a buddy group or possibly help to set up for an event that day. 

8:30am - Yum yum! All the staff and campers will pour into the dining hall for breakfast. Volunteers may sit with a group and enjoy all the juice chugging contest and program announcements that are going on. Be careful not to leave your elbows on the table or you might get called for a song!

10:00am-12:00pm - At some point during breakfast, the coordinator will check-in with the volunteer and let them know where they would like to see them go in the morning. Possible activities include: going along to the morning lake trip, chilling with some campers on the trampolines, lending an extra hand to a buddy group, or hanging out with campers and staff in the pool.

12:30pm -  All the campers and staff will once again pour into the dining hall for another yummy meal.  Volunteers can once again chill with a group and enjoy the tasty treats.

2:00-4:00pm -  During the afternoon, the programmers will often run an ‘All Camp’ – which is basically a camp wide activity that is tied to the week’s theme. Tasks for volunteers may include helping the programmers to set up the activities, helping run an all camp activity, chilling with campers who do not feel like participating in the All-camp or hanging out with a buddy group (and participating in the all-camp activity with them).

4:15-5:15pm - This is the rest break hour. The campers will hang out in the dorms for an hour while the majority of the staff takes a break. Along with some staff, volunteers will spend this hour in the dorm hanging out with campers and doing low key activities (i.,e. you might tell the campers a story, play a board game ect.). Everyday, the coordinators will arrange an hour long break for each volunteer at a different time.

5:30pm -  Dinner time! However, some groups will have the special treat of going to Camp-out, where they spend the night in the woods and sleep in tents. Some volunteers might be asked to go help out at camp out, such as helping to prepare the dinner, hanging out with campers etc.

7:00-8:30pm -  Once again, regular programs will be going on at night. Volunteers might be asked to do similar tasks as in the morning block.

8:30pm -  Juice and start to get ready for bed. Volunteers may be asked to help out in the dorm where needed. Bed time for campers varies each week. Once the campers are settled, volunteers are welcomed to join the staff in the ‘staff lounge’ to relax, chat, unwind, eat snacks, play music, or share funny stories from the day.