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Volunteers are an important part of our program!  Spending a week as a member of an Easter Seals camp is a unique opportunity to share your energy, your ideas and your strengths with kids who will, in turn, enrich your world. Every week we have between 1-4 volunteers join us at camp. 

Volunteers go through the same application process as camp staff do.

The Volunteer Program offered at a BC Easter Seals camp is composed of four types of experiences:

Community Volunteer Program: This program is for leaders within the community who want to come to camp to offer their skills, while growing and learning from our community. As a volunteer opportunity, Camp offers a wealth of skills and experiences that you will carry with you throughout life. Leadership, compassion, teamwork, creativity and commitment are valuable qualities in any employee - at camp you will demonstrate and develop these skills during your stay. For many staff Camp is a stepping stone to careers in medicine, physiotherapy or occupational therapy, nursing, education, and recreation, to name a few.

Past Camper Volunteer Program: This program is designed for young leaders who have attended a summer camping program and ideally a Leader-In-Tansition (LIT) Program (however, there may be some exceptions with this requirement.)

Leader In Training Session Volunteer: Community Volunteers may choose to volunteer with the Leader in Transition Program either on the canoe trip or one of the onsite sessions. This opportunity is only available at Camp Squamish.