Kids Camp Canada is Canada’s trusted source for families searching for good learning and living opportunities for their youngsters, themselves, and their relatives. We connect households to a range of resources in one place via a mix of customer publications, internet platforms, social media channels, multimedia and photography sites, and dynamic blog posts and groups.

Kids Camp Canada has been providing Canada’s most comprehensive database of private and independent classrooms, campsites, activities and programs, and retirement opportunities since 1997.

Our Mission

Growing your standards.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to. This one was Walt Disney’s saying, and we highly agree! Don’t be scared to pursue a huge ambition. Everyone, including you and your family, are capable. We would like to show you that anything is achievable.

Presenting accurate information in a user-friendly style.

We understand how difficult it is to obtain answers, recommendations, remedies, and help. Our duty as your support staff is to get you the correct details at the right time in an easy-to-understand style so you can produce the perfect wise choices.