Durable Summer Camp Furniture Ideas

Now is a good time as any to plan for a lovely summer camp getaway. Planning summer camp and picking the best furniture is also a bit of a challenge, but it really shouldn’t be! There is something for everyone, from comfortable bean bag sacks to good old foldable benches and picnic tables! If planning for summer camp has been giving you trouble, then this is for you!

Furniture for the Great Outdoors

The point of going camping is to enjoy nature and the great outdoors as much as you possibly can. Don’t restrict yourselves to staying hidden under the shelter. You and your companions can enjoy the best that nature has to offer! When contemplating exploring the outdoors for what it brings, it would be wise to consider the durability of your furniture.

With that in mind, the best kinds of furniture to withstand the elements of the outdoors include Thermoplastic coated metal furniture such as Thermoplastic coated metal benches and picnic tables. These prove to be waterproof and can be a great option to have meals and other activities outside.

Other noteworthy mentions of durable furniture suited for the outdoors are moulded plastic stacking chairs and strong wooden Adirondack chairs. Adirondack chairs are known for being sturdy and heavy-duty. Thus they are capable of withstanding almost anything.

Rooming Doesn’t Have to be Trouble

Sorting out accommodation matters can be a real pain! Where is everyone going to sleep? What are they going to sleep on, and will they be comfortable and safe? There is a lot to sort. However, the best durable furniture options you can rely on for summer camp are bunk beds.

Bunk beds are no new invention, but they have indeed stood the test of time. Both metal and solid bunk beds are great for camping arrangements as they prove to be very strong and space sensitive.

If you can not imagine, how an outdoor bunk bed could possibly be small enough to take with you on a camping trip, watch this video:

Blow It Up!

Blow-up air mattresses might be the next bd thing after sliced bread! While they are your typical go-to for the occasional unexpected guest spending the night over, they can be so much more. A blow-up mattress can be your only friend while camping as they make great makeshift beds!

Sleeping on the cold hard ground is not something you need to ut up with. As the name suggests, you can carry your blow-up mattress with you anyway. Simply compress it and fold. When you need it, blow it up and enjoy some good, comfy, and elevated shut-eye. An extra point for these mattresses is that they provide insulation from the cold, hard ground.

If You Can, Save Space!

durable camping chairs

The beauty of camping is taking as little as you can and surviving out there with your instincts and skills. This activity requires you to be smart about a lot of things, especially storage space. The best pieces of furniture you can invest in are storage stools or storage chairs. These are seating options that double as both seats and storage spaces.

When You Can, Stack and Fold!

Depending on the kinds of activities planned for your camping, easily stackable or folded furniture is the best option. These include lightweight moulded plastic chairs, foldable tables, foldable chairs, and flip flop tables. Each of these can accommodate nearly anything, while on the flip side, they allow you to have all the space you want.

Foldable patio tables are a personal favourite. They are light and easy to transport, and are extremely durable. Although some are made of metal and sometimes even glass, the ones made of wood are great allies for your doors in the great outdoors. If you have a regular standard folding card table, you will be pleased to know that they serve many purposes. These tables are excellent for meal prep and even cooking!

Folding patio lounge chairs are bound to be your new best friend. While they are useful for obvious reasons – sitting – they can be excellent in making cots. Patio lounge chairs are made of an aluminum frame with a nylon net. This means that you don’t have to worry about them succumbing to the harsh elements of the outdoor weather or worry about them being too heavy to carry around.

To make your sleeping cot, all you need to do is lay your sleeping bag on your perfectly flat folded patio lounge chair. To give some extra support and comfort, including a mat or some pillows underneath your sleeping bag.

Mattress Covers Save the Day

Bedding is a crucial part of accommodation while camping. The best way to keep mattresses durable and fresh for as long as you can is by using mattress covers. Not only do these prevent your mattress from wearing out, but they are also fluid and stain resistant as well as bed bug resistant.

Hammocks are the It-Thing

Hammocks are a staple for many campers and hikers. This is because they are sturdy, reliable, and, most of all, relaxing. Don’t forget that you are camping in nature with an abundance of trees. You can set up a hammock almost anywhere, thus providing the perfect furniture option that does not take up space, energy, or time. Make sure to pick a safe spot where you can set up your hammock. Indeed, planning summer camp and picking the best durable furniture to use can be difficult. But, there is nothing a little guidance can’t help fix.

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