Fircom – Gambier Island, Howe Sound

For ages: 5 to 16 years old

Prices: $525 to $900 per week

Fircom will provide children with all of the conventional summer camp adventures as well as contemporary camp programs such as interacting with regional First Nations ancestors, fascinating scientific activities, studying sustainable power generation, and much more. It is a religious summer camp that welcomes all people, whether they are spiritual, atheist, agnostic, or anywhere in between.

Fircom’s mission is to enable individuals to promote proper, supportive living in the natural world. Fircom-led activities or renting groups create these places. Fircom initiatives emphasize individual, social, and environmental health in order to foster this type of lifestyle. Fircom is capable of providing high, low-cost camping activities by operating year-round venue leasing services.

Fircom pursues its mission through 4 pillars: education, the environment, spirituality, and health and wellbeing.

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