For ages: 7 to 17 years old

Prices: $400 to $650 (1 week), $2,550 (14 day) and $3,599 (21 day).

Children ages 7 to 12 can participate in night camps that explore Metro Vancouver’s finest beautiful sites while acquiring the fundamentals of outdoor skills, culinary courses for children, regular swimming, and playing in forests.

The two- and three-week BC youth leadership camps are a fantastic way to get a taste of British Columbia’s mountains and rivers. They will go to Whistler,  Howe Sound, Squamish, and Sechelt Inlets during their 14-day camp, seeing glaciers, kayaking, and resting beneath the moonlight. They will be hiking through the jungles of Vancouver Island, traveling to Cape Scott, surfing, and developing new things over the 21-day camp. There’s also a 14-day camp that takes them to the Yukon.

You can unwind and reconnect with what counts with the experience of enrichment camps. Discover nature’s grandeur, outdoor management skills and knowledge, environmental studies, paddle boarding, culinary cooking, hiking, learning languages, Yukon gold-digging, sea and river kayaking, and so much more.

You can also go to Ecuador for an expedition to see and discover the Amazon, the mountains, and the beautiful Ecuadorian heritage.