How to Determine Amount of Power You Need in Camp?

To accurately determine the amount of camping power supply, you need to consider what you need the power for. For instance, you should consider the number of devices you want to charge during your camping trip. Also, you should ascertain how much power they consume daily. To do this, you should have a rudimentary knowledge of camping power terminologies and how it works.

This article will acquaint you with camping power and how to determine the amount of power you need for your trip.

How to Calculate the Amount of Power you Need?

There are two primary ways to do this:

  • By using a wattmeter
  • By manually quantifying the daily power requirement of each device you want to charge

Using a Watt Meter

This is a tool that helps you calculate or determine the power consumption of different devices. First, you have to plug the device into the wattmeter to calculate the power needed and then connect the wattmeter to a power outlet. The wattmeter will then display the information of the power usage of that device in Wh (Watt Hours).

You will multiply these watt-hours by the number of hours in a day (daily power usage: watt-hours x expected amount of hours in a day) that you expect to use that device during your camping trip. This is a quick, correct, and simple way to calculate the power usage or consumption of every instrument that you want to charge at the campsite.

Manually Calculating the Power Consumption of Each Device

This is done by firstly viewing the manuals, power supply labels, and manufacturer’s specification sheets (if available). Knowing this, you will calculate the daily power usage in Watt Hours using this formula:

Daily Power Consumption = expected amount of hours the device will be in use daily x hourly amps consumed by the device x device’s operating voltage

Camping Power Terms

Camping power terminologies are technical. You should know what they mean.

  1. Input (DC 12V): this means the amount of voltage the device charger can operate at (12V means 12 volts).
  2. Output 1 (Fast charge) (DC 5V/3A): This means that the output is as high as 3 Amps at an input of 5 volts direct current (equivalent to 15W) into our devices during a fast charge.
  3. Output 2 (Slow charge) (DC 5V/1A): This means the output is as high as 1 Amp at an input of 5 volts direct current (equivalent to 5W) to our devices during a slow charge.

Note: The power labels of devices usually state the maximum power usage of a device in Volt and Amp figures. This means that the average power need will likely be lesser than stated.

Calculating the Power Need for a Camping Fridge

For instance, ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge consumes 0.89 amps hourly with an input of 12 volts via direct current, and it operates all day during your trip. To calculate the daily power need for this fridge, it will be: 24 hours x 0.89 amps x 12 volts = 256.32wh (Watt Hours).

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